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1. Past Perfect (had met)

2. Present Perfect continuos (has been mending)

3. Future continuous (shall be working)

4. Future Perfect (shall have finished)

5. Past continuous (were sleeping)

6. Simple Future (will come)

7. Future perfect Continuous (will have been studying)

8. Simple Present (rises)

9. Present Perfect (has gone)

10. Future Perfect continuous (shall have been living)


Usage of different types of tenses:

1. I had met him last 10 years ago.

2. She has been mending the clothes.

3. She shall be working then.

4. By nine p.m. I shall have finished another exercise.

5. We were sleeping all this morning.

6. Rita will come.

7. When he gets his degree, he will have been studying at Harvard for four years.

8. The sun rises everyday.

9. He has just gone out.

10. By next summer we shall have been living here for four years.


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