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The verb refers to an action that is performed. It may tell us:

        (a) What a person or thing does. For example, He plays.

        (b) What is done to a person or thing. For example, The door is locked.

        (c) What a person or thing is. For example, The glass is brittle.


Verbs are of two types- transitive and intransitive

Transitive Verbs:

The action passes over form the subject to an object, which is the recipient of the action. For example, Manu killed Jessica. Here killed is a transitive verb.

Intransitive Verbs:


The action does not have any succeeding object. Therefore this action does not pass over to any object. The children cried: here ‘cried’ is an intransitive verb.

An intransitive verb merely points to a condition or an action that does not pass over to an object.




Set, lay, and raise are always transitive and take an object. Sit, lie, and rise are always intransitive and do NOT take a direct object.


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