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The Keyword explicit

The keyword explicit is advantageous in order to declare the constructors of a class as being explicit. When a constructor is invoked with a single argument, implicit conversion is carried out. In this operation, automatic conversion is performed. The type of argument taken is modified to an object type. To avoid such automatic-type conversion, the keyword explicit is used followed by the constructor name. The above program explains the use of the keyword explicit.


21.11 Write a program to declare explicit constructor and avoid automatic conversion.


class XYZ


int k;


explicit XYZ (int j)


void show()


cout<<“\n k=”<<k;



int main()


XYZ XY(545);

// XYZ XY=450; invalid assignment


return 0;





The Keyword mutable



Explanation: In the above program, the class XYZ is declared with a one-integer argument. The class also has a one-argument constructor followed by the keyword explicit and one member function show(). In the function main(), the statement XYZ XY (545) creates an object XY and initializes the member variable k with the number 545. The statement XYZ XY = 450 is invalid, because the constructor is explicit and does not permit automatic conversion. This statement is valid only when the class constructor is not declared as being explicit.

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