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Header files and libraries

This part describes library functions that are provided with the C++ compiler. The source code for these library functions are not provided, but they are in a compiled form. We have to link the code of the library functions with the compiled programmer’s code to form the entire program. The library functions perform operations such as managing memory, reading and writing disk files, input/output, mathematical operations, etc.

Numerous library functions are supported by different files. For example, math.h supports functions such as abs(), pow(), sqrt(), floor(), ceil(), etc. The conio.h supports functions such as getch(), getche(), clrscr(), gotoxy(), import(), etc. These files should be included while library functions are to be used in the programs. They are provided with C++ compiler. These files have the extension .h and they are called as header files. Table gives a list of some of the header files and functions supported by them. The programmer is advised to refer library functions from the C++ compiler.

Table: The header files and library functions

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