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To write a C++program, it is necessary to know the syntaxes of the language. This enables a programmer to write error-free programs. If the programmer is not aware of the basic rules of the language, he/she may fail to write program, even though the logic is clear.

A few basic concepts of C++ language, such as syntaxes, data types, and keywords, are discussed in this chapter to help the programmer to develop programs. As the object-oriented programming is a new technology, the programmer will find a notable amount of new concepts to learn and master in it.

Most of the C++ programs in this chapter are implemented with former C language. Few rules and regulations of C programs are valid in C++ too. Intact the C++ is upward compatible to C. Hence the programs with C can be executed with C++. C++ allows us to use variable declaration anywhere in the program, and new operators such as reference and scope access operator are introduced. All these concepts are illustrated with figures and examples.

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