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The do-while Loop

The format of do-while loop in C/C++ is as follows (Figure)


do-while loop


The difference between the while and do-while loop is the place/position where the condition is to be tested. In the while loops the condition is tested following the while statement and then the body gets executed. Whereas in the do-while the condition is checked at the end of the loop. The do-while loop will execute at least one time even if the condition is false initially. The do-while loop executes until the condition becomes true.

Table: shows the comparison between the while and do-while loops.


Table: Comparison of while and do-while loop.

Sr No




Condition is specified at the top

Condition is mentioned at the bottom


Body statement/s is/are executed when condition is satisfied

Body statement/s execute even when condition is false


No brackets for a single statement

Brackets are essential even when a single statement exit


It is entry controlled loop

It is exit controlled loop

Programs on do-while loop are as follows.

6.9 Write a program using do-while loop to print numbers and their cubes up to 10.

Explanation: Here, the mathematical function pow (x,3) is used from the library. It’s meaning is to calculate the third power of x. With this function we get the value of y=x3. For use of the pow() function we have to include math.h header file.

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