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Advantages of OOP

Object oriented technology provides many advantages to the programmer and the user. This technology solves many problems related to software development, provides improved quality and low cost software.

  1. Object oriented programs can be comfortably upgraded.
  2. Using inheritance, we can eliminate redundant program code and continue the use of previously defined classes.
  3. The technology of data hiding facilitates the programmer to design and develop safe programs that do not disturb code in other parts of the program.
  4. The encapsulation feature provided by OOP languages allows programmer to define the class with many functions and characteristics and only few functions are exposed to the user.
  5. All object oriented programming languages allows creating extended and reusable parts of programs.
  6. Object oriented programming changes the way of thinking of a programmer. This results in rapid development of new software in a short time.
  7. Objects communicate with each other and pass messages.

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