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The Object Oriented Technology

Nature is composed of various objects. Living beings can be categorized into different objects.

Let us consider an example of a teaching institute which has two different working sections – teaching and non-teaching. Further sub-grouping of teaching and non-teaching can be made for the coordination of management. The various departments of any organization can be thought of as objects working for certain goals and objectives.


Usually an institute has faculty of different departments. The Director/Principal is a must for the overall management of the institute. The Academic Dean is responsible for the academics of the institute. The Dean for Planning should have the future plans of the institute and he/she must see how the infrastructure is utilized effectively. The Dean R&D should see research activities run in the institute forever.


Besides teaching staff there must be laboratory staff for assistance in conducting practical sessions, and a site development section for beautification of the campus. The accounts department is also required for handling monetary transactions and salaries of the employees. The Sports section is entrusted the responsibility of sports activities. The Registrar for Administration and staff for dealing with administrative matters of the institute are also required. Each department has an in-charge who carries clear-cut given responsibilities. Every department has its own work as stated above. When an institute’s work is distributed into departments as shown in Evolution of C++ image, it is comfortable to accomplish goals and objectives. The activities are carried on smoothly. The burden of one particular department has to be shared among different departments with personnel. The staff in the department is controlled properly and act according to the instructions laid down by the management. The faculty performs activities related to teaching. If the higher authority needs to know the details regarding the theory, practical, seminar and project loads of individuals of the department, then a person from the department furnishes the same to the higher authority. This way some responsible person from the department accesses the data and provides the higher authority with the requisite information. It is also good to think that no unconnected person from another department reads the data or attempts to make any alteration that might corrupt the data.

As shown in Figure, an institute is divided into different departments such as library, classroom, computer laboratory, etc. Each department performs its own activities in association with the other departments. Each department may be considered as a module and it contains class and object in C++ language. This theory of class and object can be extended to every walk of life and can be implemented with software. In general, objects are in terms of entities.

Description: 19318.png

Relationship between different sections

In a nutshell, in object oriented programming objects of a program interact by sending messages to each other.

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