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Moving From C String To C++ String

In the last few examples, we have observed that a string is nothing but a sequence of characters, and it is declared as a character array. However, the manipulation of a string in the form of a character array requires more effort. C uses a library function defined in string.h to carry out string manipulation.

To make the string manipulation easy, the ANSI committee added a new class called a string. It allows us to define objects of the string type, and they can be used as a built-in data type. The string class is considered another container class and not a part of STL (standard template ­library). The programmer should include the string header file.

Instead of declaring a character array, an object of the string class is defined. Using the ­member function of the string class, string operations such as coping, comparison, and concatenation are carried out more easily as compared with C library functions.

The string class is very vast. It also contains several constructors, member functions, and operators. These constructors, member functions, and operators help us perform various operations with strings.

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