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Measurement Scales

Nominal Scale: Observations classified with no order. e.g. Participating Cars assigned numbers from 1 to 10 in the car race.

Ordinal Scale: Observations classified with a particular ranking out of defined set of rankings. e.g. Driver assigned a pole position according to their performance in heats.

Interval Scale: Observations classified with relative ranking. It's an ordinal scale with the constant difference between the scale values. e.g. Average temperature of different circuits.

Ratio Scale: It's an interval scale with a constant ratio of the scale values. True Zero point exists in the ratio scale. e.g. Average speed of the cars during the competition. 
Sample Question


Q: Which of the following type of scale is used when interest rates on Treasury bill is mentioned for 60 years?

A. Ordinal scale
B. Interval scale
C. Ratio scale

Ratio Scale



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