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SAT Exam Prep

SAT Exam Prep

'SAT Exam Prep' is a complete study solution for SAT aspirants with a widely covered Preparation material.


SAT Exam Prep

SET Exam Prep

Prepare for your SAT exam with Gradestack'sSAT Exam Prep appand learn the quick tricks to solve Math, Writing, Orientationand Critical Reading questions.

Upgradeyour word 3000+ flashcards and test your learning with 1000+ questions along many warm-up drill exercises.A large set of examples in the study notes are provided to help you understand the topics and get a better clarity on them.

The course contains extensive study material of the following books:

  • Orientation
  • Math
  • Writing
  • Critical Reading

The course gets you more focused towards your preparation bringing the very specific preparation material to you and facilitate you score high in your exam.

    Course Modules
  • 1

    Introduction to SET Exam

  • 2

    Segregated in three parts Math I, Math II, Math III covering all the topics

  • 3

    6 Detailed chapters to master this segment

  • 4
    Critical Reading

    Provides the insight on reading section

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