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Error Identification

In these questions, you will see a sentence with four underlined parts—labeled A, B, C, and D—where a grammatical error may occur. If there is no error, then the answer is E.
Following is some important information about these questions:
  • If a there is an error, it is underlined and lettered.
  • Each sentence contains either only one error or no error.
  • About 1 in 5 error identification questions are correct as written.
The tactical brilliance on the battlefield of Tommy Franks and Richard Myers as a general can be attributed to the rigorous training they received in military history. No error
  1. brilliance on
  2. as a general
  3. rigorous training
  4. received
  5. no error
To answer error identification problems, first read the sentence at a natural pace, listening for anything that impinges on your grammatical ear. If you don’t hear a mistake, break the sentence into parts and then analyze each part. Assuming we did not hear the error in the example, let’s break it up:
  1. The tactical brilliance on the battlefield of
Be alert to idiomatic errors in the use of prepositions. Here, “brilliance on” seems OK. But let’s try some other prepositions to see whether they might sound better. “Brilliance at” is awkward, as is “brilliance from.” So, let’s go to the next part of the sentence:
  1. Tommy Franks and Richard Myers as a general
Notice that the compound subject “Tommy Franks and Richard Myers” is plural, but the phrase “as a general” is singular. This is our error, and the answer is B.

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