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Directions for Grid-in Questions

  • Mark at most one oval in any column.
  • Credit is given to a response only if the oval is filled in correctly.
  • To avoid mistakes, it may be helpful to write your answer in the boxes at the top of the columns.
  • If a problem has more than one answer, grid only one of the answers.
  • Negative answers do not appear.
  • A mixed number such as 3 ½ must be con­verted into an improper fraction (7/2) or a decimal (3.5) before being gridded. (The answer grid  will be inter­preted as 31/2, not 3 ½.)
Decimal Accuracy: For decimal answers, enter the most accurate value the grid will allow.
For example, an answer such as 0.3333... should be entered as .333. The less accurate values .33 and .3 are unacceptable.
Acceptable ways to grid 1/3 = .3333...

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