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Format of the Writing Section

The writing section is 60 minutes long. Thirty-five minutes is devoted to two grammar sections, and 25 minutes is devoted to an essay.
Typical Format
Essay 1 prompt 25 minutes
Grammar 35 questions 25 minutes
Grammar 14 questions 10 minutes

The essay and the multiple-choice grammar sections are presented back-to-back. If you finish the essay early, you may move on to the grammar sections.

Scoring the Writing Section

The scoring for the writing section is fairly complex. You will receive two subscores: one for the multiple-choice grammar sections, and one for the essay. The essay counts for only 30% of your writing score. The combined score for the grammar sections ranges from 20 and 80, and the essay score ranges from 2 to 12 (Two people will read your essay, each will assign a score from 1 to 6, and the two scores will be combined). But if you write on a subject that is not assigned or your handwriting is illegible, you will receive an essay score of 0. The two separate scores are weighted and the total score is then converted into the usual 200 to 800 score range, just like the reading and math parts of the test.

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