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Step 7-Revising Your Essay

Because you have written quickly, you must spend some time, about 5-8 minutes, at the end of the section reviewing your essay, making necessary changes to enhance the clarity, coherence and grammatical accu­racy of your writing. You must look for misspellings and mechanical errors while at the same time keeping in mind the following questions:
  • Is my introduction captivating?
  • Is my thesis statement concise?
  • Do my body paragraphs clearly support my thesis?
  • Have I used logical transitions that help the text flow smoothly between sentences and between paragraphs?
  • Have I maintained a formal tone and diction throughout my essay?
  • Have I maintained consistent use of person (i.e., first, second, third)?
  • Is there a word, or are there words, which I have employed too often throughout the essay?
  • Do my sentences vary in length and structure?
As you ask yourself these questions, make the necessary changes. If you still have time left after you have completed the initial revision, go back and read your essay again. A writer makes many, many revisions to his manuscript before it is ready to be published, so you can never proofread too many times!

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