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Voice is that form of a verb which tells us whether the subject does something or has something done to it. For example:
Active: Mohan takes coffee. (Subject does something)
Passive: Coffee is taken by Mohan. (Something is done to a subject)

Rules for changing voice:
  1. Subject is placed in place of object and object is placed in place of subject.
  2. “By” is used with a noun or a pronoun for showing doer or agent of some work.
  3. We can change voice of only a transitive verb, i.e., a verb with an object. We cannot change voice of an intransitive verb, i.e., a verb without an object.

Rules for Change of Verbs


Verb in Active Voice

Verb in Passive Voice

Present Indefinite

V1 + s, es, ies

Is |are |am + V



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