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Usage Of ‘A’

Articles are demonstratives: a, an, the. The three articles are categorized as ‘indefinite’ and ‘definite’. Indefinite articles ‘a’ and ‘an’ do not specify things. The definite article ‘the’ refers to a person or thing.


(a)      Before a countable singular noun.

 E.g. a box, a man, a book, a house


(b)     Before expressions which refer to countable things.

E.g. a hundred, a kilo


(c)      To give the sense of one, occasionally a sense of many.

E.g. He is a doctor. He did not speak a word.


(d)     Before a proper noun to make it a common noun.

E.g. A David is need to fight this Goliath.


(e)      Idiomatically with ‘few and little.’

E.g. a few coins, a little fame


(f)       In exclamatory sentences.

E.g. What a pity! Or What a grand procession!


(g)     When referring to special meals for celebrating.

E.g. A lunch was given in his honour. What a grand dinner!


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