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 Usage Of ‘The’
  1. With things which are one in the universe.
    E.g. the earth, the moon, the human race
  2. When a particular thing is distinguished from other things mentioned.
    E.g. the man who was talking to you was a politician.
    The book you gave me was boring.
  3. With the superlative degree.
    E.g. the best book, the best school
  4. Before the name of rivers, seas, mountains, countries, musical instruments, historical documents, wars etc.
    E.g. the Himalayas, the Indian ocean, The Ganges, The Constitution, The Upanishads, the Trojan war, the first chapter, the second World War.
  5. Before a double comparative.
    E.g. the more, the merrier.
  6. Before adjectives used to represent a class of person
    E.g. the rich, the young

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