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4Cs of Marketing

From a buyer's point of view the four Cs that correspond to 4Ps are as follows.

  • Commodity           
  • Cost             
  • Convenience        
  • Channel


A formal approach to this customer-focused marketing mix is known as Four Cs (Commodity, Cost, Channel, and Communication) in “Cs compass model.” Koichi Shimizu proposed a four Cs classification in 1973. This system is basically the four Ps renamed and reworded to provide a customer focus. The four Cs Model provides a demand/customer centric version alternative to the well-known four Ps supply side model (product, price, place, promotion) of marketing management.

Product Commodity

Price Cost

Place Channel

Promotion Communication


The four elements of the“Cs compass model” are:

  • Commodity – (Original meaning of Latin: Commodus=convenient): the product for the consumers or citizens. Not product out.
  • Cost – (Original meaning of Latin: Constare= It makes sacrifices) : producing cost, selling cost, purchasing cost and social cost.
  • Channel – (Original meaning is a Canal): Flow of commodity: marketing channels.
  • Communication – (Original meaning of Latin:Communio=sharing of meaning) : marketing communication : It doesn't promote the sales.

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