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Marketing vs. Selling

Marketing is a broader concept than selling.

Firms sell their goods or services to the customers who buy them. Marketing relates to producing or creating goods or services needed by the customers. In the former case, the objective is to sell whatever is available with the firms. While in case of marketing, the objective is to meet the customer's need.


Marketing function starts much before actual selling of products.

Selling is an operational activity,  whereas marketing is a total management concept comprising identification of customer needs,  developing suitable products to meet those needs,  delivering (selling)  the products to the customers and facilitating their consumption for ultimate satisfaction of those needs. Thus selling is a part of marketing.


Selling is product focused whereas marketing is customer focused.

Selling is oriented to the needs of seller (the firms) where as marketing is oriented to the needs of the buyer (the customers). Selling aims at earning profits by maximizing sales volume. Marketing aims at earning profits by maximizing customer satisfaction. Marketing converts customer needs into profitable opportunity, whereas selling encashes such opportunities.


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