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Branding Strategies

When a company manages its brands it has a number of strategies it can use to further increase its brand value. These are: 

  1. Line extension:  This is where an organization adds to its current product line by introducing,  versions with new features,  an example could be a Crisp  manufacturer extending its line by adding more exotic flavours.
  2. Brand Extension: If your current brand name is successful,  you may use the brand name to extend into new or existing areas. For example Virgin extending its brand from records, to airlines, to mobiles.
  3. Multi Branding: The company decides to further introduce more brands into an already existing category.  Kellogg’s for example have a number of brands in the cereal market and the cereal bar market.  Multi-branding can allow an organization to maximize profits, but a company needs to be weary over their own brands competing with each other over market share.
  4. New Brands: An organization may decide to launch a new brand into a market. A new brand may be used to compete with existing rivals and may be marketed as something ‘new and fresh’.


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