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Utility Software

A utility programs help manage, maintain and control computer resources. It performs tasks related to the maintaining of your computer’s health hardware or data. They are the helpful program that ensure smooth functioning of the computer. E.g Backup Utilities, disk defragmentation, antivirus program, file/folder management, compression etc.
  • Backup Utilities:- Backup refers to making copied of data so that these additional copies may be used to restore the original after a data loss event. All types of data could be backed up like pictures, word documents, file, executable, or an database. It is important to take backup of important data regularly and also verify that it can be restored successfully.

Common Software Diagnostic Tools

Here are some common software diagnostic tools:-
  • MEM.EXE:- This simple utility, built into windows operating system that provides you with details about your memory configuration, as well as what is currently using your memory.
  • Microsoft Diagnostics:- It is known as MSD.EXE and it is also known as DOS utility that takes a brief inventory of the contents of your PC and shows them to you in a text-based format. It will show you what type of BIOS you are using.
  • The Windows device Manager:- The is the most useful tool for identifying system configuration resource usage information
  • Scandisk:- is a utility provided with windows computers. Scandisk scans your disk to see if there are any potential problems on the disk, such as bad disk area.

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