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Guideline to solve this type of question

  1. 1st see output then input because without knowing what is final result you may be confused.
    Let suppose there is a pen it made with ink, nib, plastic cover etc. first if you will see the pen then you imagine how this pen made. Otherwise you have to give ink, nib plastic cover than you not imagine what happened. So, 1st step should be see the output.
  2. 2nd step is the ‘see input’.
  3. 3rd step is ‘see other steps that how the output formed’.
The step should be following.
  • Words are in ascending order, for example  a, b, c, d, ………
  • Words are in descending order, for example  u, s, r, p, b,……..
  • Numbers are in ascending order, for example  1, 3, 5, 9, 11, ……….
  • Numbers are in descending order, for example  9, 8, 5, 3, 1, ……..
  • Count of words are in ascending order, I, go, man, girl, woman
  • Count of words are in descending order.
  • Sum of words are in ascending order. 11, 21, 13, 32, 81, 28
The four basic types of questions are:
  1. SHIFTING: In this type of questions, we usually shift the given words (or numbers) of the given input as per a fixed pattern.
  2. ARRANGING: In this type of questions, the words or the numbers are arranged as per a fixed order. This order can be an alphabetical order in case of words; it can be an increasing or decreasing order in case of numbers. Note that whereas shifting goes on endlessly; arranging ends as soon as the order intended is achieved.
  3. ARITHMETIC OPERATIONS: In this type of questions, the input consists of some numbers. The subsequent steps are obtained by taking the numbers of the input and then performing different arithmetic operations.
  4. MISCELLANEOUS: As the name suggests, this covers miscellaneous cases. The input can be anything and the machine can perform a set of random operations on this. Normally, a case that does not fall under any of the first three categories falls under this category.


  1. We cannot find previous step means if 5th step or 4th step is given and we have to find out 3rd, 2nd and input. Then we cannot find it.
    So, our answer will be ‘Cannot be determined’

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