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Web Browser

To access the World Wide Web, you use what is called a Web browser. Browsers are sometimes also called Web clients, since they get information from a server. When you start a WWW browser or follow a hyperlink, the browser (acting like a client) sends a request to a site on the Internet. That site (acting like a server) returns a file which the browser then has to display.

Basic Features of Browsers

Some important browser features are-
  • The Web browser should be able connect to various sites to access information on internet
  • Another feature of browser is to have a number of other commands readily available through menus, icons, and buttons. 
  • Main feature of the browser is to search the information on the current page as well as search the WWW.
  • It also give the facility to save t he web page on your computer system.
  • Web browser should be able to handle text, images of the World Wide Web, as well as the hyperlinks to digital video, or other types of information. 
  • Most important feature of any browser is easy to use.
  • Web browsers interact not just with the Web, but also with your computer's operating system and with other programs, called plug-ins, that gives the browser enhanced features.

Types of Browsers

There are different type of browser available now a days. These browser are:- Mosaic, Netscape navigator, Internet Explorer, mozila firefox, Safari, Opera, Google chrome etc

First Web Browser was Mosaic developed in 1993. Netscape Navigator was second browser developed in 1994 and Microsoft Introduced Internet explorer as browser in 1995.

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