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Worksheet of EXCEL

Workbook of Excel is made up of Worksheet. Each worksheet contains columns and rows. The columns are named as A to Z and then continuing with AA, AB, AC and so on; the rows are numbered 1 to 1,048,576.
The combination of a column and a row make a cell address. For example, the address of cell is like A1 means A is a column and 1 is the row, and you can see the address of the cell in the name box just above the A column headings.

Standard Toolbar of Excel 2003

The Standard toolbar, located below the menu bar, has buttons for user to perform tasks like adding a column of numbers, printing, sorting, and other operations. The Standard Excel XP toolbar given in the figure below.
Description: excel standard toolbar graphic

Formatting Toolbar Excel 2003

The Formatting toolbar, located below the Standard toolbar bar, has buttons for various formatting operations like changing text size or style, formatting numbers and placing borders around cells.
Description: excel formatting toolbar graphic

Formula Bar Excel 2003

The formula bar is located below the toolbar at the top of the Excel worksheet. Use the formula bar to enter and edit worksheet data. The contents of the active cell always appear in the formula bar. When you click the mouse in the formula bar, an X and a check mark appear. You can click the check icon to confirm and completes editing, or the X to abandon editing.
Description: excel formula bar graphic

Formula Bar Excel 2007

If the Formula bar is turned on, the cell address of the cell you are in displays in the Name box which is located on the left side of the Formula bar.
Description: Formula bar
Formula Bar
Cell entries display on the right side of the Formula bar. If you do not see the Formula bar in your window, perform the following steps:
  1. Choose the View tab.
  2. Click Formula Bar in the Show/Hide group. The Formula bar appears.

Note: The current cell address displays on the left side of the Formula bar.

The Status Bar

The Status bar appears at the very bottom of the Excel window and provides such information as the sum, average, minimum, and maximum value of selected numbers.
You can change what displays on the Status bar by right-clicking on the Status bar and selecting the options you want from the Customize Status Bar menu. You click a menu item to select it. You click it again to deselect it. A check mark next to an item means the item is selected. A figure is given below:-

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