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Accessories Program on Windows

In Accessories, there are so many small program for user. To open accessories use the following step:-
Click on start button All programs and then click on Accessories.
  • Calculator:- We can use calculator to perform addition, subtraction and other mathematical operation. You can also use advance capabilities of scientific and statistical calculator.
  • Command Prompt:- Command prompt is used to open DOS.
  • NotePad:- NotePad is a most commonly used to edit text or read text on your system. The extension name of NotePad is .txt
  • RUN dialogue Box:- It is a powerful feature of operating system. RUN option is used to open any file or folder directly. The shortcut to open RUN dialogue box then press win button + R.
  • Sound Recorder:- Sound Recorder is to record the sound of user. To open sound recorder
    Click on Start button all programs Accessories sound recorder
  • Window Explorer:- The quickest way to start up the Explorer is through the icon on the task bar or desktop. It is a necessary tools in an windows operating system. The explorer consists basically of two sections. On the left side there is the directory tree, which is the list of units and folders. Only units and folders appear, no files. On the right side there is another section, which will show the content of the folder that we have opened on the left section. This section shows its folders and files.
    Clickon Start Select All programs Select Accessories Select Windows Explorer
The Explorer can also be started from the Start button by choosing My documents, My images or My music.

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