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User Interface

User Interface is one, which allow user to communicate with the system in order to perform certain tasks. User interface is generally designed in a computer to make it easier to use.


Bill Gates announced Microsoft Windows in Nov 10,1983. In Nov 20, 1985 announced Microsoft Windows 1.0. Microsoft released latest window, Windows 7 in Oct 22, 2009.

Microsoft announced development of its first operating system that incorporated a GUI in November 1983, and the initial version, Windows 1.0, was released in November 1985. Windows 2.0, released in December 1987, represented a improvement over the Windows 1.0 with its addition of icons and overlapping windows, but in 1995 with the launching of Windows 95 that Microsoft was able to offer a relatively high quality GUI.

The Apple Macintosh, launched in 1984, was the first commercially successful use of a GUI. The Macintosh introduced the first menu, icons, and point-and-click, mouse driven processing.

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