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Non-Verbal Reasoning

Non Verbal is one of the most important and scoring part in the reasoning section. Generally 5 (In PO) or 10 (in Clerk) questions are asked in this section. The questions can be of 2 forms – Series based or analogy based. As per recent pattern in exam most of the questions are based on Series.

A typical series based Non verbal questions will have 5 continuous figure and 5 options:


While solving the questions few important pointers can be kept in mind to solve.

  1. Try and Eliminate: Always remember that “None of These” is not an option. Thus, it is not necessary to always technically solve the question. Candidate can identify and study specific patterns and observe pointers to eliminate the wrong answers or directly arrive at the right options.
  2. Few Important patterns which one should keep in mind to arrive at the right answers or eliminate the wrong answers:
    1. Clockwise (CW) vs Anti Clockwise (ACW)
    2.  Object Movement (Within the box): 1, 1 ½, 1, 1 ½ etc...or ½, 1, 1 ½, 2, 2 ½ etc... 
    3. Object Movement (Within the Axis) – Try look into the angles like, 90 degree movement or 180 degree or a similar series pattern.
    4. Continuous Increase or Decrease – Try and form numbers series
    5. Life cycle of an object – If an object is removed in the problem figure after appearing in 2 to 3 boxes and the figure doesn’t appear again; but appears in the answer figure then the possibility of that option as answer is less as the object has completed its life cycle.
    6. Mirror image vs water image – Call it flip
    7. Try spotting pattern for 2-3 objects only
    8. 1:3:5 vs 2:4:6 (Answer) – Relationship will be same
    9.  If 1=5 then 2=6 (Answer)

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