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Sitting Arrangement

Seating Arrangement Questions are one of the most important sets in the reasoning section of any Competitive Exams. These questions are based on a set of information containing certain set of conditions which gives hidden information followed by set of questions (generally 6-8 Questions) Either 1 or 2 sets are asked of this type. Candidate is required to decode the information and arrange the objects either in a Table, Chart, and Diagram in the form of a Row, Square, Circle or any such shape which the question may ask for. Information available in the questions are distorted and hidden in nature and tests candidates’ ability to analyze information and solve the same by help of pictorial figures/ diagrams.

Important Concepts

Rows – These can be single row or parallel rows facing each other


Note: Never distribute the rows into number of objects; Always start placing the objects first into a straight row and then distribute the same.


Circle – These can be in the manner of people facing centre or facing outside


Note: Distribute the circle evenly into number of objects/ persons; always start from the point highlighted in the diagram below. As your left or right direction is similar to the directions for the person sitting in the circle.

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