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Amitabh Bachchan says, “Today, I have money, fame, property, bank balance. What do you have?”


Shashi Kapoor says, “I have my mother.”

Assumption: Mother is above all materialistic pleasures of life.


This assumption is valid as without assuming it, Shashi Kapoor wouldn’t have concluded what he said.

To check whether an assumption is implicit or not, keep the following points in mind.

  1. The Assumption should be in the domain of the statement, i.e., it should be directly related to the statement. If the assumption talks about any point, not mentioned in the statement, it has to be out rightly rejected.

“All the sweets available in our shop are made from pure ingredients.” The banner outside a sweet shop

Assumption-1: People can spend any amount of money to buy sweets made from pure ingredients.


Invalid Assumption: The owner of the sweet shop may have thought about the money factor associated with the sweets, but the assumption cannot be accepted as it is not mentioned in the statement.

  1. Any assumption can be accepted if it is:
    1. Root Cause of a statement, or
    2. Desired effect of a statement.
      For the statement discussed above
Assumption-2: People want sweets made from pure ingredients.
  • ​Valid assumption: The assumption is the root cause of the statement. People want sweets made from pure ingredients, that is why the banner was put up.
Assumption-3: The owner of the shop expected that people will get attracted from the banner and his sales will increase.
Valid Assumption: This is the desired effect of the statement.


Important Notes

  1. Always check whether an assumption is implicit or not, by “Keeping yourself in the shoes of the subject”. Think from the perspective of the person saying the line in the statement, the person giving the advertisement, the person advising someone etc. As in the example above, check the assumptions from the perspective of owner of the shop, not yourself.
  2. Always be careful of the extreme words used in the sentence, such as, most, only, all, best, definitely etc. the statement are supposed to be read carefully to pick the right assumption.
Statement: The country’s overall development has struggled since in dependence. Government should make every possible step to eradicate corruption.
Assumption-1: Eradicating corruption is the only solution for country’s overall development.
Assumption-2: Eradicating corruption is the best solution for country’s overall development.
Assumption-3: Eradicating corruption is the definite solution for country’s overall development.
Assumption-4: Eradicating corruption would probably help in overall development.
In 1, 2, 3 the words only, best, definite are extreme words with no proof from statement. Whereas “probably” is acceptable in context of the statement.

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