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Statement and Assumptions

The questions in this chapter consists of a statement (which consists of facts, observations, discussions etc) and followed by assumptions, of which the validity is to be checked.
What is an Assumption?
An assumption is that hidden part of the statement which is assumed / supposed and taken for granted. Something that is not clearly mentioned in the statement, but is an integral part of it.
For eg: Let’s take an example of a five storey building made of glass and steel pillars. Now, the glass, the steel pillars can be clearly seen, but the foundation or base of the building is hidden or not clearly seen.
This analogy can be used to explain the questions type. The glass, pillars which can be clearly seen are parts of the building. This building is the statement of the question. On the other hand, the foundation is the hidden part, not clearly seen, which is the assumption.
So, the assumption is the hidden or the implicit part of the statement without which the statement cannot exist.

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