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Post-positive Use of Adjectives

An adjective may be used immediately after the noun it modifies. This is postpositive use of the adjective.

Study the following examples in which the adjectives are used postpositively.

  • M S Subba Laxmi is surely a singer extraordinary.
  • Companies always seek something innovative to gain edge over the competitors.

In the above sentences, the adjectives are used immediately after the noun/pronoun they modify. This is called postpositive use of adjectives. However, we are not going to concentrate on this as it is more of literary use than of G-matic use.

However, the attributive position and postpositive position of adjectives may result in some meaning differences.

  • The officers involved in the operation… (= relevant officers.)
  • The involved explanation… (= complicated explanation.)
  • The department concerned … (= the related department)
  • The concerned officials… (= worried officials)
  • The eyewitnesses present … (= the persons who are present there)
  • The present legislators … (= the legislators are in the office for the present period)
  • A responsible person… (= a person who is sensible and judicious)
  • The person responsible for the crime… (= the person who committed the crime)

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