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Basic Philosophy Of Parallel Structure

Parallelism is a rhetoric rule, a kind of rule which makes our expressions clear, and ‘beautiful’. A grammar principle, on the other hand, concentrates on the ‘correctness’ rather than the ‘beauty’ of the sentence.
We use parallel structures quite unconsciously in easy sentences. Look at the following example.
  • Mr. Steven is clever and a doctor.
You may find this sentence to be odd even though you are not aware of the basic principles of the parallelism. This sentence sounds odd because the conjunction and is combining dissimilar words (an adjective and a noun). This concept is thoroughly discussed in the earlier chapter.

From parallelism perspective, either of the following is a correct expression.
  • Mr. Steven is a clever person and a doctor.
  • Mr. Steven is clever and is a doctor.
Sentences of this kind are too simplistic to be given in GMAT! But the example does give the basic principle of parallelism.

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