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Basic Principle Of Parallelism


Parallelism often requires grammatically similar words or word groups to be connected.


To understand how this principle works, study following sentences in which the parallel parts are highlighted for your understanding.

  • In the following discussion, we aim at assimilating as well as applying the concepts of parallelism. (The two highlighted forms are similar in form and are parallel to each other.)
  • In spite of, or perhaps because of, the financial crises the developed countries are facing, debates on immigration policies continue to occupy the central stage. (Two prepositions are connected by the conjunction or.)

Even at the risk of being repetitive, I should warn you that this ‘simplistic’ view may NOT be of great help in more difficult sentences based on parallelism.

Now, we shall discuss the different cases of parallelism in a progressive way, i.e. from simple to complex cases of parallelism applications.

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