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Parallelism With Co-Ordinate Conjunctions


The complexity of G-matic sentences is usually resulted from combining ideas using conjunctions which you have studied in previous chapter. Among these, coordinating conjunctions and correlative conjunctions are quite crucial in questions based on parallelism.

 of coordinating conjunctions: and, but, nor, or, so, yet, for.

List of correlative conjunctions:
 both… and, not only … but also, either… or, neither … nor, whether… or.

In most of the cases, similar forms are to be used with these conjunctions.

Study the following examples in which parallel element are italicized for your understanding.

* In literary studies, the idea of culture is everywhere invoked, but rarely explained. (Two italicized passive verbs are parallel.)

* The ancient Greeks subsisted either on wheat or on barley. (Two prepositional phrases are connected by either… or.)

* Historical knowledge of business helps us understand the concept of management better, but the ahistorical nature of most of management literature has seriously compromised its legitimacy. (Two italicized independent clauses are parallel.)

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