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In the earlier chapter, we have concentrated on the modification and comparison, focusing on adjectives and adverbs. This chapter is going to be an exhaustive discussion of dangling modifier errors, which is one of the important errors tested in G-matic expression.


Sentences with this error are sometimes easy, while some other sentences are certainly difficult to crack. This chapter is designed to make you comfortable with easy sentences as well as difficult sentences. This chapter reminds you some basic infomation that you have already learnt before so that you understand correction of this error with ease.


You are requested to note that some of the G-matic errors, which should have been discussed here, have been discussed in the chapter Word Order – G-matic Implication for the convenience of developing G-matic practice questions in the earlier chapters. These topics are prepositional phrases, relative clauses and their correct placement. The section in that chapter is with ample practice on misplaced modifiers.

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