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G-matic language stands apart from the everyday language primarily because of two reasons: its nature of standard written expression and its strict adherence to stylistic principles. The problems or choices of style are related more to rhetoric than to grammar. If you want to ace the G-matic language, you need to understand some concepts of style thoroughly.


Grammar decides whether the sentences we use are correct or incorrect; style, on the other hand, decides whether or not our sentences are effective and efficient. You need to make choice basing on the clarity of the expression. The style is, thus, concerned with beauty and clarity of the sentences. The use of parallel structure, the choice of voice, avoidance of wordy structure, and the problem of redundancy are some important considerations of style, which are frequently tested in G-matic sentences. Given the importance of parallel structure, we have devoted the earlier chapter to that topic. The rest of the topics are discussed in detail in the following discussion.

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