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Importance Of Word Order

In English language, word order in a sentence is vital in deciding its meaning. When we use the language informally, we don’t pay much attention to the strict rules of word order. GMAT takers tend to extend this ‘relaxed’ way of informal word order even to G-matic sentences. This factor makes the G-matic sentences a bit tricky.

Study the following examples to study this concept.

  • John likes Thomas
  • Thomas likes John.

Though exactly the same words are used in both the sentences, both sentences have quite different meanings. This is only because of the word order followed in the sentences.

  • All human beings are not honest.
  • Not all human beings are honest.

Look at the difference in the sense of both sentences: the first sentence means that not even a single human being is honest and the second sentence implies that only few human beings are honest. This difference in sense, though grammatically correct, makes the first sentences vulnerable to criticism on the grounds of rationality.

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