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1568 Stoic
(adj) unmoved by grief or joy, calmly accepting them both. Origin: Gk sta-, to stand -> stoa, a porch. The Greek philosopher Zeno used to teach his disciples under a porch known as Stoa Poikile. His doctrine came to be called Stoicism. A stoic person is one who seems to follow this doctrine. Zeno used to teach his followers that God made everything happen for the best and one's happiness depended not on external things but on one's virtue. So, one should not get overly disturbed by occurences which are beyond one's control or by loss of material things. In the midst of his argument, the lawyer received a telegram. He read it, kept the missive on the table, and continued his advocacy. After the hearing was over, he picked up his stuff, handed it over to his subordinate and instructed him to handle the office in his absence; he was rushing to his village because his wife had died that morning. The junior was amazed at how stoically the man had borne such a huge loss.