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(n) sharpness, bitterness Origin: L acer, sharp + -monia, state => 'state of being sharp' For a long time, the beasts of the jungle debated with acrimony whether the Hare or the Tortoise could run faster. Some said the Hare was the swifter of the two because he had such long ears, and others hotly rejcted that claim and said the Tortoise was the swifter because anyone with such a hard carapace should be able to run hard too. When the two factions of the animals almost came to war, a wise old monkey advised them to resolve the matter by actually having a race between the Hare and the Tortoise. Rudra tried to tell his younger brother, Sumit, that their mother loved them both equally. But Sumit cut him off acrimoniously: "Stop being mama's 24-hour advocate, will you? That's the reason she loves you so much."

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