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Oneself and the others

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(adj) out of the normal, inconsistent; (n) anomaly. Origin: Gk homos, same -> homalos, balanced. So, Gk an-, not + homalos, balanced => 'unbalanced, uneven' => 'irregular' A girl clad in a mini skirt would look anomalous in an Indian village, just as a dhoti-clad man wearing only a vest on his chest and a rustic turban on his head would be an anomaly in a mall. "An anomaly which often struck me in the character of my friend Sherlock Holmes was that, although in his methods of thought he was the neatest and most methodical of mankind, and although he also affected a certain quiet primness of dress, he was nonetheless in his personal habits one of the most untidy men that ever drove a fellow-lodger to distraction." Dr Watson in A Musgrave Ritual