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Touch and Sensitivity

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(n) bitterness, sharpness of temper. The trembling little girl apologized to her step-mother for breaking the glass. "No, no," her step-mother replied with asperity. "Why should you be sorry? You are the princess of the house after all. Wait, Your Highness, let me bring more glasses and plates before your majesty. Please break them too so that this drama ends once and for all." Unfortunately for her, however, her husband-the girl's father-had entered the house a moment ago and had heard her tirade. "Shut up Kulwanti," he said in exasperation. "How long will you keep torturing the poor girl? I had thought time would mellow you down but no." He threw his briefcase away. "I toil the whole day in the office thinking that I will get rest at home but the moment I enter home, I hear your chik-chik. Can I have some peace in my house? Please?"

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