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Oneself and the others

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(v) absorb Origin: L ad-, to + similis, like => 'to take towards likeness' => 'to make like the others' People who migrate to a new country take time, sometimes spanning generations, to assimilate the culture and traditions of that country. Similarly, that country takes time to assimilate the migrants. Full assimilation occurs when the migrant population becomes indistinguishable from the native population. When her blushing sister told Kriya that her (the sister's) marriage had been fixed, Kriya spent a moment or two in assimilating the astonishing news; then she broke out into excited congratulation. If she had had a more emotional temperament, she would have probably have kissed her sister. Mr Devesh Verma was a popular lecturer. He had the merit of knowing how to assimilate the ideas of other men, and to pass them on in a way which was intelligible and interesting to the lay public, with a happy knack of being funny about the most unlikely objects, so that the division of a cell or the formation of a vertebrate became a highly humorous process as treated by him.