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Hands, feet, ears and back

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(n) agreement of the vowel sounds of two or more words in a poem when the consonant sounds which come after or before these vowel sounds do not agree. Origin: L ad-, to + sonare, to sound => 'to sound' For example, consider the words strike and grind. These two words are not rhyming words. The consonant sounds of the two words do not agree. However, the 'I' of both the words has the same sound. So, strike and grind are assonant. Similarly, hat and man are assonant because the 'a' of both has the same sound. Loose/choose is a perfect rhyme. Rude /loose is an assonant rhyme Assonance is used in poems. For example, read this sentence: Fleet feet sweep by sleeping Greeks.' Here, only the words 'fleet' and 'feet' are perfectly rhyming. Yet, the sentence sounds so good and poetic because 'fleet', 'feet', 'sweep', 'sleeping', 'Greeks' are assonant rhymes.

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