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(adj) bringing good luck. Origin: L avis, bird + specere, to look at => 'to look at birds and their flight to get knowledge of the future.' Romans believed that sighting certain birds before setting out to work was lucky, and sighting some others was unlucky. They also believed that the direction you saw the bird coming from, the number of birds you saw, the direction they went into, etc. were all signs that foretold future events. An example of a similar belief among Indians is that a crow crowing on one's rooftop in the morning is believed to foretell the arrival of a guest. Gifting the idol of Goddess Lakshmi is considered auspicious, bringing prosperity and goodwill to the receiver. Did you ever wonder why Lord Mountbatten chose the midnight of 14 August, 1947 to hand over power to the Constituent Assembly of India? Could he not have waited till the next morning? There were two reasons. First, some Indian leaders said August 15, a Friday, was inauspicious. Second, he did not want that the Tricolour should be hoisted immediately after the Union Jack was lowered. Under the flag code, flags are lowered in the evening and hoisted in the morning. Thus, the Union Jack was lowered on August 14 evening across India, and the Tricolour hoisted on August 15 morning.