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Paragraph 6


Hitler was also responsible for the cruel genocide of six million people, whose only fault was that they were born to Jewish parents. Colonists everywhere have subjected to a similar genocide the indigenous populations of their colonies.


Tyrants and colonists, however, are not the only ones to judge people by their genealogy. Ordinary people like us are equally guilty of the same.

Ron’s mother scotched his desire to marry Ashley just because they belonged to the gentry and she did not. 

Ashley’s good nature, her sweetness, the deep love between Ron and her amounted to nothing before that one congenital flaw.


Gentry was one of the classes the British society was divided into, below nobility but above yeomanry and labourers and, accordingly, the families were noble, gentle, simple or working class.


Eugenics: (n) science that aims to produce better offsprings.

Origin: Gk eu-, good + gen-, birth


Inveterate: (adj) so confirmed in a habit that there is no scope of living without it.

Origin: L in-, + veter-, old => ‘grown old in (a habit)

  • Inveterate foodie, inveterate traveler, inveterate TV serial watcher, inveterate liar

Veteran: (n) a person with long experience in a field.

Origin: L veter-, old, experienced

  • Amitabh Bachchan is a veteran actor. He has been acting for more than three decades.

Euthanasia: (n) mercy killing.

Origin: Gk eu-, good + thanatos, death => ‘easy death’


Genocide: (n) targeted destruction of the people belonging to a particular race, religion or culture.

Origin: L genus, race + -cide, to kill => ‘to kill a particular race’


Indigenous: (adj) having its origin at the place where it is found; native; not brought from outside.

Origin: L. indu, in +- gen, give birth to => ‘in-born (person or thing)’

  • INS Arihant is India’s first indigenous nuclear submarine.

Tyrant: (n) a cruel dictator. His oppressive rule is called tyranny.

  • When the men of the zamindaar beheaded a farmer who could not pay the whole tax, the inflamed villagers decided that they had had enough. They would not submit to the tyranny of the zamindaar any more.

Genealogy: (n) study of the family line of a person.

Origin: L gen-, birth + -ology, study => ‘study of the birth of a person, as in, whether he is of high birth or low birth etc.’

  • The teacher asked the students to write down the genealogy of the Mughal rulers.
  • The teacher asked the students to prepare a genealogical table of the Mughal rulers.
  • The restaurant claimed that its khaansaama, the cook, traced his genealogy back to the cooks of the Mughal kitchens.

Scotch: (v) to put a definite end to; crush.

  • The politician scotched speculation that he was quitting his party and joining its rival.
  • The film actress scotched rumours of her secret marriage with her long-term film producer boyfriend.

Gentry: (n) wellborn and well-bred people; in England, the class of landowners ranking just below the nobility.

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