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Birth of man

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(n) a rude, unmannered person. Origin: Gmn karl, man => 'common man' => 'free peasant' => 'uneducated, rural man' => 'person of low birth, lacking all refinement' => 'ill-mannered, rude person.' The word 'churl' itself is rarely used. However, its adjective form-churlish, meaning 'ill-tempered, bad-mannered, rude'-is quite common. The newspapers criticized the main Opposition party saying that it was behaving like a churlish child who throws tantrums on anything and everything. It is churlish to not shake an offered hand. "Madam, are you ok?"A jogger asked a woman who was crying alone in the park. "Who are you to ask?"She glared at him. "Get lost from here." "How churlish!"he exclaimed and jogged off. In each of the sentences above, we can replace the word 'churlish' with 'boorish'.

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