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(adj) careful, paying attention to the situation and the possible outcomes. Origin: L circum-, around + specere, to look => 'to look around' => 'exercising caution' It was the first time that Jaya had brought Sunil before her parents. "Oh ma, you'll make him nervous," Jaya laughed when she saw her mother study him with faint suspicion. "It's a mother's duty darling. I want the best for you," the old lady smiled. Throughout the evening, she continued to observe Sunil with motherly circumspection, taking note of each thing that he said or did or did not. After he had gone, she told Jaya that she did not like him. "He is not as simple as he shows. I want you to be careful." Jaya, however, was too much in love to be circumspect. "Ma, you are thinking too much. Good night," she said and tossed her mother's caution out of her mind.