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Birth of man

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(v) to grow together into one, to unite into a whole; (n): coalition Origin: L co-, together + alere, to grow => 'to grow together' After the jaimala was over, all the guests coalesced into little knots, men sharing a drink here, women discussing each other's saris around the angithi there; the waiters kept supplying them with delicacies and they kept feeding each other with the latest gossip. Many political parties united to form one group. That group won the majority in the Lok Sabha and formed the government. Such a government is called a coalition government. How do you translate the song 'Oh re taal mile nadi ke jal mein, nadi mile saagar mein, saagar mile kaunse jal mein koi jaane na?' (Pools coalesce into rivers, rivers into seas, but what do seas coalesce into? No one knows.')

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