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(n) staying away from sexual intercourse. Origin: L com-, together + tenere, to hold => 'to hold oneself together' These three words all relate with the idea of restraining from sexual intercourse: continent, celibate, chaste. Continent: The word just tells you that the person is not sexually active currently. It does not mean that he never was. A married person who gives up family life and takes sanyas will be called a continent. Celibate: This word implies that the person has taken a vow to never marry or have sexual relations. Chaste: This means that the person is not indulging in any immoral sexual activity. The society frowns upon premarital sexual relations. So, when applied to an unmarried person, the word means that he or she has not had sexual intercourse ever. But this word can also be applied to a married person. In this context, it means that the person has stayed faithful to his spouse.

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